♡ Our Story ♡

On July 25th 2010, after a night out in NYC celebrating my best friend's 18th birthday, my friend John (who was on the train with me) asked me for a ride to another party he was going to when we returned home. I obliged, and while dropping him off he invited me down to the party (which I would later find out was at Tim's house). 
I saw Tim for the first time from across the driveway, but he did not come talk to me. We had quite a few 'eyes-meet-and-quickly-look-down-shyly' moments that night, but no conversations. When I left the party, I let all of the new friends I had met know that I would promptly go home and add them all on Facebook, which I did. 
After Tim accepted me as a friend, I sent him a message saying something along the lines of "I told you I was going to add you as soon as I got home!" Pretty quickly after that phone numbers were exchanged and we began texting. 
The following night, I had to go to my college orientation.
Once I returned from orientation, Tim and I were able to meet up again- this time at his job. At the time he was working as a pizza delivery boy. It was July 30th 2010. When I showed up at the pizzeria, Tim took his break. He drove us in his old,beat up, Chevy Prism to the local lake. I remember thinking, 'What am I doing?! I just got into the car with a boy I don't know!? They make Dateline Specials about this!!', but I went with him anyways. 
We hung out at Lake Casse and talked about our lives, fears, dreams, and hopes. I had had a lot of issues that summer and it felt so relieving to have someone listen to me. After we drove back to his job for him to finish off his shift.
I rode along on pizza delivering missions and entertained Tim with my fabulous rapping skills. He even decided to let me deliver a pizza (big mistake). I walked up to the customer, took his money, and gave him the pizzas inside of the red-pizza-warming-bag-thing that pizzas come in. The customer was like "sweetheart, don't you need this?" and I, of course, was so embarrassed. I thought Tim would think I was a big, dumb, idiot, but instead he thought I was ~adorable~. 
That night he took me out to Applebees and we went on our first official date. That night under the warm summer stars we had our very first kiss. And that was it, I was hooked. 
The summer continued like that. We had only had 3 good weeks of summer love before I had to go to college.We talked as much as we could and Tim visited often. It was hard sometimes being far apart, especially seeing couples spring up all around me at college and having to do the whole long-distance-thing. 
Things got even more complicated when my mom moved and my "home" wasn't the same town where Tim was anymore. That meant even our summer vacations and winter breaks were not spent living in the same town. 
But we talked every day. We figured out a way to be in a relationship without being able to physically be near each other as often as we wanted to. And despite sometimes feeling like the world was against us, we made it through 4 years of college long distance.
After college I moved back in with my mom so we were closer, but after all of that waiting my patience for the distance was growing thin. Luckily in May 2015 Tim started working up by me and our time spent together greatly increased.
We have had 5 years of joy, 5 years of growth, 5 years of pain, 5 years of waiting for the phone to ring, of tear-stained pillows, of bitter, lonely, nights spent alone, 5 years of feeling like half of our hearts was miles away. But mostly the past 5 years have been spent getting to know and fiercely love one another. 
And now after all of the nights spent wishing we could be together, we have a new house and a plan to make sure we never have to have a lonely night again. 
So, this may be the story of how we met, but our story is just beginning... 

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